Requesting an appointment

Telephone the surgery on 01773 304700. 

You will be asked what you need help with. We will use the information you give us to choose the most suitable doctor, nurse or health professional to help you.

For urgent help we will phone you back on the same day. For non-urgent help we will arrange a routine consultation.

We will then offer you a consultation with a doctor, nurse or health professional by:

  • Phone
  • Face to face at the surgery

Or we could:

  • Issue a prescription
  • Refer you to another service

Please keep your phone close by so you do not miss our return call.

The caller ID will show as a private or unknown caller.

We will try to contact you twice.

Patients with full online access, who have requested an appointment, will see a specific appointment time. Please ignore this as it is for booking purposes only. The doctor may you call you at any time during the day.

Cancelling or changing an appointment

To cancel an appointment: 

  • Use your NHS account (through the NHS App or the NHS website)
  • Reply CANCEL to the number provided on your text message.
  • Phone us on 01773 304700.
  • Call into surgery and let Reception know. 

If you see an appointment that you are not aware of, do not cancel it. Contact the surgery to ask what this is for as a doctor or nurse may have booked this for you.

Evening and weekend appointments

Routine appointments with a doctor or nurse are available in the evening, at weekends and over bank holidays.

Contact the surgery to book an appointment.

The appointment may be at another surgery in the area.

If you need help when we are closed

If you need medical help now, use NHS 111 online or call 111.

111 online is for people aged 5 and over. Call 111 if you need help for a child under 5.

Call 999 in a medical or mental health emergency. This is when someone is seriously ill or injured and their life is at risk.

If you need help with your appointment

Please tell us:

  • If you would like a chaperone (person who accompanies a patient during an examination or procedure).
  • If you need an interpreter.
  • If you have any other access or communication needs.

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